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Image Medabots


Release Date 2004-05-08
Runtime 23 minutes
Genres Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Animation, Action & Adventure, Comedy
Stars Terry McGurrin, Jacqueline Pillon, Samantha Reynolds, Rob Tinkler, Ron Pardo
Directors Michael Hirsh, Patrick Loubert

10-year-old Ikki Tenrio, using his Medabee, participates in Robattles; fights that square off robots, or “Medabots,” against each other. Ikki must also stop the plans of the nefarious “RubberRobo Gang.”

1. Kilobot Rising


When new robots known as Kilobots start appearing, Ikki and Metabee must prove why they finished second at the World Robattle Championships, but what will they do when the Medaforce doesn't work against these Kilobots?

2. Fighting Temptation


When Ikki and Metabee promise not to robattle until Metabee's faulty parts are repaired, they discover it takes as much courage and skill to avoid a fight as it does to seek one out.

3. What the World Needs Now [a.k.a. Who is the Mystery Medafighter]


Ikki shows the mystery Medafighter how his obsession with destroying the kilobots makes him become similar to Kam, as they both treat their medabots as simple objects of destruction.

4. Delivery Boy


Always help your folks. Chores can be fun and may lead to adventure!

5. Scoop of the Century


ERIKA must choose between her integrity and journalistic success when she competes with Kam and his kilobot, Fotoshoot, in ‘best scoop' contest.

6. Robbed Zombies


When Medabots and Kilobots start becoming zombies, it's up to Ikki and Metabee to save the day, but can Ikki overcome his fear of zombies to give Metabee strength?

7. Lights, Camera... Robattle!


Tak and Ikki learn that hard work and practice will always come before trickery and brute power…especially in Robattling!

8. Dark Alliance (1)


In order to fufill his mission to destroy all Kilobots, MysteryMedafighter accepts the ultimate Kilobot from Kam. But is the cost too high?

9. Dark Alliance (2)


Mystery Medafighter uses his near-invincible kilobot, Exor, to defeat Ikki, Metabee and anyone else who gets in his way. But does he have the heart to destroy his own medabot, Roks?

10. Redrun-Away


Metabee learns he can Medachange into Demolition Mode. But will this be enough to stop the powerful Kilobot, Redrun, who is rampaging through the city?

11. Erika's Secret Garden


First impressions can be deceiving. Everyone deserves a second chance.

12. Metabee's Out of Body Exp


New Medabots are created to fight against the Kilobots, but when Metabee's original body is stolen choas begins.

13. The Bee's Rescue the Honey


In order to keep his secret, Ginkai captures Honey, but before he can erase her memory, Metabee rescues her. Now who will rescue him...?

14. A Night In The Medabot Junkyard


Ikki, Metabee, Totalizer and Sloan learn that friendship is more important than winning also lasts a lifetime.

15. Once A Medafighter (1)


Memories of his old medabot, Bayonet cause Ginkai to enter an official robattle tournament where he is forced to choose between his honour and his friendship with Kam.

16. Once A Medafighter (2)


Ginkai rediscovers the friendship of his first Medabot, Bayonet, but will he put that friendship in jeopardy by answering Kam's challenge?

17. Title Flight


When Kam's new Kilobot clasps on to Metabee it's a race to save him from the Kilobot's self destruction. Will they succeed?

18. The Agony of the Cheat


Forbidden to Robattle until he gets a good mark. Ikki decides to cheat on his test... but things go from bad to worse when the plan backfires.

19. It's the Medafighter Way


We learn through our Ikki does out on the soccer pitch...but we also realize that our friends will always be behind us...even after we mess up!

20. Fall from Grace (1)


Kam lures Ikki and Metabee into a trap to ruin their honest reputation and promote the launch of his retail kilobot stores.

21. Fall from Grace (2)


Erika, Zumi and Ginkai help prove Ikki and Metabee's innocence but will they survive Kam's latest trap?

22. Mystery Medafighter Unmasked?


Kam promises to terrorize the entire school until the Mystery Medafighter comes forward. Will Zuru reveal his secret identity?

23. The Truth About Charlie


Embracing change is hard, but resisting it is harder.

24. Rok's Reborn


Banjo attacks Ikki and Metabee at Miss Nae's warehouse in an effort to flush out the Mystery Medafighter and destroy Tyrelbeetle.

25. I, Kilobot


It's not what you've got... but what you do with it!

26. Thanks for the Memories


Erika interviews her friends for an article in the Riverview Reader. But will it be a glowing review or an expose?

27. How Spyke Got His Style Back


Spyke is so desperate to copy someone else's robattling style that he doesn't realize he has his own strategies hidden inside him the whole time.

28. The Medabot Straight Line Marathon


Suzie challenges Erika to a grueling obstacle race known as the Straight Line Marathon. But will the challenge prove too much for both of the competitors?

29. Kung Fu For Thought


With a robattle against Ginkai looming, and no ammunition, will Ikki and Metabee come up with a solution?

30. Erika to the Rescue

Two of Kam's followers, Minitora and Kintora, ambush Ikki and Erika at the amusement park. Can Ikki and Erika stop arguing long enough to defeat these new rivals?

31. Rough on a Hot Tin Cat


If at first you DO succeed... sit the second one out.

32. Meda-Forced


Kam forces Blakbeetle to try summoning the Medaforce. But how can she when it would be based on a friendship she doesn't have with Kam?

33. Poor Miss Nae


Banjo challenges Ikki and Metabee to Robattle but can he be trusted to play by the rules and accept the true spirit of Medafighting?

34. Mystery Medafighter...Revealed! (1)


The best way to deal with a problem is to confront it head-on...Zuru won't get his father to come home for dinner by secretly destroying all the kilobots his Dad has ever built...

35. Winner Take All [aka- Medabots Are Friends](2)


Zuru finally reveals his identity as the Mystery Medafighter and challenges Kam and his followers to a robattle.

36. Transfusion Confusion


In order to have rivalry one must first have a rival!

37. Gryphoon Doom [AKA- Forbidden Evil Medal]


Kam inserts Blakbeetle's Neo-Evil Medal into Gryphon and begins Gryphon's weapons test. Transformed into Gryphon, Blakbeetle experiences fear for the first time and runs away from Kam. Kam anticipates her escape and has thus attached a transmitter to her body. He orders his followers to find her.

38. Final Goodbyes(2)


The kids attempt to rescue Blakbeetle from a horrible fate, but can they convince her to leave Kam?

39. Into the Fire [aka- Shine! Spirit of Hope] (3)


Ikki and friends sneak into the research institute of the Evil Medabot Corporation to rescue Blakbeetle. Kam says he will return Blakbeetle's medal to her if Ikki and his friends win a fight against Gryphon.