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Image Hunter × Hunter: Greed Island Final

Hunter × Hunter: Greed Island Final

Release Date 2004-08-18
Runtime 24 minutes
Genres Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Animation
Stars Junko Takeuchi, Kanako Mitsuhashi, Akiko Kimura, Hiroki Takahashi, Yuki Kaida
Directors Yoshihiro Togashi, Toshikatsu Tokoro, Takuya Hiramitsu, Masashi Abe, Takeyuki Sadohara

Continuing with their adventure at Greed Island, Gon and Killua train furiously under the guidance of Biscuit for better preparation at attempting the game. With their abilities vastly improving and the threat of player killers menacing Greed Island, Gon and company continue the game despite the dangers that they will face with the game activities and encounters with other players.

1. Masadra x Big Stories x Mad Bomber


Gon and Killua learn many abilities from their new teacher Biscuit Krueger. They have to dig through rocks and more.

2. Nen Removal x New Year x Hunter Exam


Killua goes to re-take the hunter exam because it is New Year's Eve. He already becomes a hunter in the first test because he takes the plates of all the candidates. Gon still trains his abilities with Biske while the bomber continues to blow up people.

3. An Encounter x Kuroro x The Gold Dust Girl


Gon and Killua start using their abilities get obtain cards, which they discover is easier due to Biscuit's training program.

4. Contact x Razor x A United Front


Gon and Killua continue playing and have more than 50 cards (out of the 100 required to finish the game). The Bomber and his team have 96 card while a united front rises to monopolize one of the cards they still need.

5. Meeting Again x Hisoka x Sporting Event


Gon, Killua and Biscuit go with the united team to find information about a card no player has been able to obtain. They find the location of the card, but fail to defeat the game master Razor and his fifteen Devils in a series of sports related one-on-one contests. Gon, Killua, and Biscuit organize a stronger team to tackle the challenges, which includes Hisoka and Tsezuguera.

6. Lighthouse x Eigth People x Game Master


After the team is gathered, they easily pass the sport contests, but still must defeat Razor in an 8v8 game of deadly nen-charged dodgeball.

7. Jan x Ken x Guu!


Gon uses his new abilities in the dodgeball game. Killua's hands are heavily injured. On Razor's team only he remains, facing Gon, Killua and Hisoka.

8. Unite x Impact x Bungee Gum


Gon's team wins and they get card #2. Razor tells Gon about Ging and how he became one of the game masters.

9. Joint Struggle x Crisis x Battle Announcement


The fight against the Bombers is imminent. Gon trains his timing, while Killua and Biscuit formulate a battle plan.

10. Stakeout x Preparation x Battle Start


Gon has trained a lot and is prepared to fight. Meanwhile, Battera's secret lover has died and the reward for completing the game is canceled. The battle between Gon, Killua, and Biscuit against Gensuru and his comrades begins.

11. Bisque x Killua x New Ultimate Attack


Killua and Biscuit win their fights and Biscuits true form is revelead. Gon however faces a much tougher opponent: Gensuru.

12. Fighting Spirit x Gyo x Little Flower


Gon continues his fight against Gensuru and looses one of his hands.

13. Cruelty x Determination x Climax


Gon wins against Genthru and takes all his cards. They heal everyone, including Gon's severed hand, and reach a total of 99 cards. An island wide quiz event for the last card is announced. They only need card #00 to win the Greed Island game.

14. Game x Everything Cleared x Finale


Everybody in Greed Island participates in a quiz. Gon scores the highest with 87 correct out of 99 questions, wins card #00, and gets instructions to go to Greed Island Castle.